My Hormones Never Hrt Anyone by ChaseInSexEd

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Product Description:

  • A cotton/poly blend shirt with These Are My Scars imprint. 
  • Shirt features a tear away tag for added comfort.

Meet Chase Cramer, the trans man with a plan to make sex education accessible and inclusive! Inspired by years of work in HIV and Sex Education, he launched the ChaseinSexEd TikTok page in 2020 as a way to reach people during the pandemic. With what seemed like an endless amount of time being inside, people would be getting it on. He was instantly a hit and went viral literally over night with his first video series, “Sex Store Storytime”. Where he got a job at an adult store and shared hilarious customer interactions.

On a mission to educate his followers, he started doing product reviews. Chase gained the attention of brands like ONE Condoms and CAN Community Health; who work with his channel to help keep his education free and promote safer sex practices. By Incorporating humor into videos about condoms or HIV he captivates his audience without making them feel like they’re getting “The Talk” or listening to something that’s inappropriate. 

You can help Chase keep his education free and support good causes by shopping his merch line. Every month ChaseinSexEd donates a portion of the proceeds to organizations that support LGBTQ persons. For the ChaseinSexEd launch Chase is donating to Joshua Giving Tree, a local food bank in Phoenix AZ who provides groceries to trans individuals and people living with HIV. Recently, Joshua Tree has lost their home and needs donations to help move all of the freezers and supplies into a new building.